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About Heart Starters

Heart Starters Inc. was established in 1995 by a team of lifeguards and paramedics.  After working and training together for years in lifesaving and emergency response environments, a partnership was born with the intent to provide use our hands-on experience and knowledge to provide the public with a quality education.  Today, Heart Starters Inc. is comprised of over 25 experienced top-tier instructors.  All have a unique combination of hands-on emergency response experience along with an enthusiastic personality and the ability to engage a group.

Our Reputation

Over the years we have created quite a reputation.  Heart Starters Inc. is known for delivering training in a simplified manner. Unlike many other trainers, we are conscious not to overwhelm or create a stressful learning environment.  Our goal is to have every participant complete our training feeling confident that they can make a difference when an emergency occurs.  Confident, competent and empowered are the words we hear most often when receiving feedback from participants.  Once you’ve participated in a Heart Starters training, we are certain that we will see you again.

Heart Starters Inc. was founded on strong relationships.  We are successful because we have created the same with every one of our customers.  Ask for your free audit today.