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WSIB Approved First Aid and CPR Training by Heart Starters: Your Path to Lifesaving Skills

Emergencies strike without warning, and having the right knowledge and skills can be the difference between life and death. At Heart Starters, we take pride in providing top-quality first-aid training and medical supplies to Canadians. Our commitment to safety and well-being extends to workplaces, communities, and individuals across the country. Let’s explore how Heart Starters equips you with the essential skills through WSIB approved first aid CPR trainingCanadian Red Cross approved first aid training, and innovative Blended learning first aid training.


What is WSIB Approved Training?


WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) is the governing body that oversees workplace health and safety in Ontario. For a first aid or CPR training program to be WSIB approved, it must meet specific standards outlined by WSIB. These standards ensure that participants receive up-to-date, comprehensive training on the latest first aid and CPR techniques and protocols.


WSIB approved programs are recognized across the province, which means the certification is transferable between workplaces. Employers can be confident that WSIB-approved training will properly prepare their staff to manage health emergencies.


WSIB-Approved First Aid CPR Training


Why WSIB Approval Matters


The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) sets rigorous standards for first aid training in Ontario. When you choose Heart Starters, you’re opting for courses that meet WSIB requirements. Here’s what you need to know:


Certified Instructors: Our Red Cross-trained professionals deliver WSIB-approved practical sessions. Whether Standard First Aid or Emergency First Aid, we ensure you receive the most up-to-date training.


Blended Learning: Our courses combine eLearning with hands-on practical sessions. You complete the at-home eLearning module, followed by a trainer-led course. This flexible approach maximizes recall and ensures you’re well-prepared for emergencies.


Certification: Upon completion, you’ll receive a valid and accredited first aid certificate recognized by the WSIB.


Canadian Red Cross approved first aid training


Regarding first aid training, trust matters; for over 50 years, the Canadian Red Cross has been a beacon of excellence in providing comprehensive and accredited first aid and CPR programs. Whether you’re a concerned parent, a workplace safety officer, or a community member, our courses empower you with the skills needed to save lives.


Why Choose Canadian Red Cross Approved Courses?


Comprehensive Solutions: Our courses cover a wide range of first aid and CPR skills. We ensure you’re well-prepared for any emergency from basic life support to advanced cardiac life support. Whether learning to care for a minor wound or responding to a critical incident, our training equips you with practical skills that make a difference.


Flexible Learning: Explore our Online Learning Campus, where self-directed courses focus on essential topics such as Preventing Disease Transmission, Psychological First Aid, and Opioid Harm Reduction.

Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Our eLearning modules are designed to maximize recall and understanding.


Health and Safety Tips: We don’t stop at training sessions. The Canadian Red Cross teaches practical first-aid tips to apply in real-life situations.

Blended learning first aid training

Blended learning combines eLearning with hands-on practice. At Heart Starters, we’ve perfected this approach for first aid training:


E-Learning Module: Begin with an at-home eLearning module. Study at your own pace, mastering essential concepts.


Practical Trainer-Led Course: Attend our practical session at your workplace or one of our 85 training centers. Our instructors guide you through CPR, wound care, and emergency response skills.


Certification: You’ll receive an approved and accredited first aid certificate upon completion. Blended learning ensures flexibility without compromising on quality.


Why Choose Blended Learning?


Maximizing Recall: The combination of eLearning and hands-on practice enhances memory retention. You’ll remember crucial steps when faced with real-life emergencies.


Adaptability: Blended learning caters to diverse learning styles. Whether you’re a visual learner or thrive in interactive scenarios, this approach accommodates you.


Real-Life Scenarios: Our online learning includes 3D animations, interactive lessons, and live-scenario videos. You’ll gain practical insights that directly apply to emergencies.


Get WSIB Approved First Aid & CPR Training Today!


Workplace safety matters – make sure your employees have the skills to respond to health emergencies with confidence. With WSIB Approved First Aid and CPR Training from Heart Starters, your workforce will be ready to provide the vital care needed in those critical first minutes before professional help arrives.

Don’t wait for an emergency to happen – schedule your training now! Contact us at info@heartstarters.net or call on 905-891-6746 to learn more about our flexible, engaging WSIB approved first aid and CPR courses. Your employees are your most valuable asset – let’s work together to keep 

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