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First Aid Replenishment Program

Medical expenses cost Canadian employees billions of dollars in lost wages, healthcare expenses, and lawsuits annually.  Companies can reduce these costs by providing the workplace with the required materials needed for emergency situations. Trust Heart Starters’ First Aid Replenishment Program to ensure the wellness of your First Aid equipment.

All employers who are subject to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) must comply with reg. 1101 under Section 3 of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.

These regulations dictate that:

Course Curriculum:

  • The expense of first aid equipment and services will be carried by the employer
  • First Aid equipment must be inspected regularly and accurate records of these inspections must be kept
  • First Aid stations must be easily accessible and be supervised by workers who: have valid WSIB approved first aid certification OR work in the immediate vicinity of the stations.
  • Employers must post all required first aid information where it can be seen clearly
  • Employers must keep detailed records of all accidents and first aid treatments given

Maintaining these requirements on an ongoing basis is tedious and time consuming.  Having Heart Starters Inc. replenish, record and maintain your first aid equipment is not only a wise economical choice, but also provides your organization with an invaluable sense of security and peace of mind.

Remember, one non-compliance ticket from a Ministry of Labour (MOL) visit can exceed years of replenishment costs.  Ask for your free audit today.

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